Top 10 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts 2014

Christmas is a time for parents to decorate their home with Christmas trees, colorful lights and glistening shades, a time for friends to exchange Christmas cards.

Everyone wants to know this year’s most wanted Christmas gifts 2014. They might be a best selling electronic item or a popular video game but if you are looking for a great Christmas gift idea. we have an alternative Christmas present suggestion that will put some genuine sparkle into Christmas day. Here we tell you why the gift of a Forest Holiday wraps up the best Christmas presents anyone could wish for you. If you decide to buy one of the most wanted Christmas gifts this year for that special someone on your list, you will put a big smile on their face. You will not only be giving a special gift but also a special Christmas memory.

Best Christmas Gifts 2014

Best Christmas Gifts 2014

As we come again to that season when we all need to give friends and family gifts, You may still be struggling with what to buy. Receiving heartfelt and practical Christmas gifts will definitely put a big smile on faces and mean great Christmas memories. While stores and advertisements are beginning to bombard you with Christmas presents, do be careful when choosing gifts which means you get the one that fits best!

Most Wanted Christmas Gifts 2014

Apple Watch

The Apple watch is the the first product introduced by Apple that can be worn by the user. Not only it is designed with technology in mind it is also designed to look good. It is lightweight and has many functions. Besides being able to tell time, the Apple watch can play music, create notifications, map applications, and monitor fitness. It is a one of kind watch with the newest of Apple technology available.


It’s one of the best gifts that can be presented for holidays to document all of the happy moments whether they are during celebrating holidays or any other happy moments that rarely take place in our life and should be documented to be always remembered.

DVD Movies

DVD movies will always be popular Christmas gifts. If your friend’s a movie fan, you can purchase some of the hottest and newest DVD movies for him, for example Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, Twilight Eclipse, etc. Take a look at the DVD release on the internet and choose the DVD movie according to your friend’s taste! To look at DVD movies on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. simply employ a DVD Converter to transform the DVD movies to popular video formats for playback anywhere!


They’re more affordable than other gifts that will cost you a lot of money. These shoes are produced in different materials and are sold at different prices to allow you to purchase what suits your budget.


They are available in different brands. A few of these brands are affordable as the others come to be very expensive. Among the most desired clothing brands are Nike, Ugg, Lv, Victoria’s Secret and Michael Kors.


Choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for someone you love is never an easy task; it should show them just how much you care, whilst still being an item they will wear and cherish. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration, so we’ve handpicked the must-have Christmas jewellery gifts.

Video games

If your loved one is a gamer, why don’t you give them a video game as a Christmas gift? First become familiar with what kind of games your friend, brother, etc. like and just what game console he has so that you can buy him the sport he like and is right for the console.

Christmas Gift Card

Christmas Gift Card

Gift Card

Should you really don’t know what tangible gift the receiver doesn’t have, you can give him a gift card and let him buy himself whatever he likes. In case your friends owns an iPad, iPhone or iPod, provide him an iTunes gift card that enables him to buy movies, music, apps anytime he like. If he’s a loyal Amazon user, instead, provide him an Amazon gift card.

Holidays for Whole Family

Christmas isn’t just a time for shopping, cooking dishes and decorating houses, but additionally a season for a family holiday. Using the long-awaited Christmas holiday is not too much off, just take your loved ones on a holiday. Ha-ha, no one in this planet could refuse the charm of traveling, including you you only you!!! So, surprise your family member or friend with a trip gift. In case your loved ones have long likely to go to Australia or some other places, you may make his dream come true by providing him with a trip.

Smart Phones

Whether students, business men, professionals, etc. have to keep contact with family and friends and organize their schedules during Christmas, right? Therefore if your friend or household is just lack of a smart phone, consider giving him one this Christmas! It’s not the high cost of the present matters, however your sincerity and care. So carefully choose one smart phone that you think your friend or family like.

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