30th Birthday Gifts for Men: Creative Inexpensive Gift

30th birthday is special, as at this age, you are no longer considered too young or too old. Thus, 30th birthday gifts should be meaningful and should do justice to the occasion.

The 30th birthday is the first milestone birthday when the word “ageing” may creep into their mind. What does this mean for you when looking for 30th birthday ideas.  Choose from fashionable wallets and accessories to customized man cave decor and monogrammed travel gear as well as fun gifts for him, such as sports presents and beer
and grilling tools. There are certain handmade soap, movies, books, shirts, music and more that make great 30 birthday gifts for Men.

30th Birthday Gifts for Men: Creative Inexpensive Gift

30th Birthday Gifts for Men: Creative Inexpensive Gift

Razor Blade Sharpener

If you are looking for a practical gift idea for him you could get him a razor blade sharpener. Yea we all know there is nothing sexy about this gift but when you have seen the prices of razor blades today you would agree that he will most likely be greatly appreciative. The razor blade sharpener allows you to double or even triple the amount of shaves you get in one blade. in terms of savings this can amount to hundreds of dollars saved per year. The savings can then be spent on other things like beer and maybe even you.

A gift to celebrate

Champagne is an extremely nice option to celebrate this very day. You can gift his favorite champagne on his 30th birthday. You can make the champagne bottle personalized by printing messages and photographs on the bottle. Make him open the bottle and revel in it having some good quality time with him.

iPod and/or Accessories

Get them an ipod filled with their favorite music, or if they already have one, cool accessories are also great 30th birthday gift ideas..as an ipod speaker dock.

Over the Hill Survival Kit

This isn’t technically a practical gift and tends more for the gag gift idea but this comes with some products in there which may be useful. The over the hill survival kit reminds him that he needs to stay in shape and stop the long nights of partying since the clock catches up to all of us so we need to take precautions while we are younger to ensure that when we do get old we’re better prepared to handle the result time has on all of us. This 30th birthday gift idea for him might be funny but you know you’re giving it to him as a reminder of where he is heading, to senior years.

Panasonic Ear Nose & Hair on your face Trimmer

Panasonic Ear Nose & Hair on your face Trimmer

Music Subscription or Gift Card

Get them annually subscription to an mp3 downloads site like emusic.com, or perhaps an itunes or amazon music gift card. This is a great surprise item to toss in with an ipod or ipod accessory.

Panasonic Ear Nose & Hair on your face Trimmer

This gift idea for him isn’t something he would expect to get for this kind of important day Panasonic Ear Nose & Hair on your face Trimmersuch as his 30th birthday and you can play it off as a gag gift. Nevertheless, you know that he really needs this because when he grows older he is beginning to grow hair in all kinds of locations that didn’t happen when he was younger. There’s nothing more disturbing than seeing nose hair or ear hair growing like Grizzly Adams on his worst day. The Panasonic ear, nose and hair on your face trimmer has everything the budding neanderthal must groom himself like a professional. Should you give this to him on his 30th birthday make sure to have someone film it so that you can show everyone his expression.

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